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From Water Mill to Supergîtes

We thought it was a nice gesture to thank our constructor Stéphane with a picture book. With this book, showing what has been done to create this superb gîte, he can present his first big job as a constructor to potential clients. It’s a simple story line of pictures in chronological order. You can look into it at ISSUU where we’ve published the digital version.

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Full Force Flower Power

I cannot help to say that gardening is a must for a healthy spirit. You’ll work harder, think clearer, make better judgements and produce more if you can work in a garden from time to time even if it’s only for an hour a week. I even dare to challenge you: I think you’ll even live longer if you can be outside and take care of some flowers. They have a soothing effect on stressful people like this blogger and probably yourself.

The summer is in full force now .. the flowers bloom like crazy and me is loving it in many ways. This weekend i’ve spend only 2 hours of weeding the front courtyard and the flower garden at the back. Check our Facebook and like us or check Flickr for more pics.

Wat en fijn huis, en wat een heerlijk vakantiegevoel! M.V-K.

What a lovely house, and what a great sense of vacation! M.V-K.

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Unexpected Seedlings

Unexpected visitors

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At our sweet 5,700m2 terrain we’ve worked hard to create this little Garden of Eden as we think that a Supergîte should not only be a great indoor experience but provide a great outdoor experience as well.
No pools or tennis court but a great garden to wonder and be wondered by the combination of rare flowers and ordinary herbs. All delicately chosen by Hendrik Dekker, our landscape architect and flower connoisseur.

This weekend we came back for our first check up. After two weeks of renting you need to walk by and see if everything is still there in good shape. At the house it was all OK apart from a smashed light and two broken cups. Disregarded the fact that all our beer was gone without a note by whom, everything was fine.

The big surprise came in the garden where a sweet fairy visitor came by and seeded an extra bed of sunflowers … hehehe – SUPER! They must have felt so at home! 🙂

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First Renters @ Supergites

Le début des locataires .. finally .. Judgement day was there. The first renters have finished the first holiday in the very first Supergites. Now we’re left with so many questions. What did they do? How do they think about the mill? Where did they go shopping? Did they sleep well?

I’ve send the registered renter a small questionnaire to gather some information. He replied the same day with some minor comments we agree upon immediately. They LOVED the mill and made some great work. OMG .. we cannot explain how relieved we are. To thank us they’ve send us some small sketches of the mill and Tourteron 🙂

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No TV?

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In the final week of working hard to get things right (or just done), at a certain point you just have to make decisions. Nasty ones. You have to choose between the must-have and nice-to-have. And that’s not an easy job. One says he really thinks curtains are essential, the other claims to die without TV. Do we really need that door between the two basements? or do we put our energy in finding the right furniture? It’s constantly putting pressure on the working relationship because you’re just so tired you really don’t care what the other says or even about the arguments. All space evaporated. But what to do … you have to go on. Continue reading

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