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Full Force Flower Power

I cannot help to say that gardening is a must for a healthy spirit. You’ll work harder, think clearer, make better judgements and produce more if you can work in a garden from time to time even if it’s only for an hour a week. I even dare to challenge you: I think you’ll even live longer if you can be outside and take care of some flowers. They have a soothing effect on stressful people like this blogger and probably yourself.

The summer is in full force now .. the flowers bloom like crazy and me is loving it in many ways. This weekend i’ve spend only 2 hours of weeding the front courtyard and the flower garden at the back. Check our Facebook and like us or check Flickr for more pics.

Wat en fijn huis, en wat een heerlijk vakantiegevoel! M.V-K.

What a lovely house, and what a great sense of vacation! M.V-K.

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