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New digital routes to walk, cycle and ride

Hiking shoes (Lowa) Français : Chaussures de r...

Hiking shoes (Lowa) Français : Chaussures de randonnée (Lowa) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We used to have maps with the walking routes around the mill. It has never been a big success. The point is; they get lost, dirty and torn.  People are not that neat with your stuff, they simply don’t care and walking –somehow– tear maps apart. I guess we’ve lost three maps over the first 18 months. But thanks to the Digital Revolution, here is the solution: RouteYou.

RouteYou.com offers a selection of routes and a set of tools to explore routes in an interactive way. Anybody can print routes or download routes in a digital (navigation) format.

We’ve recreated all the routes that pass our mill in RouteYou. You only have to print, download or put them in your navigation system. It’s an absolute revolution. Check out our Supergites profile on RouteYou. Happy Walking!

NOTE: If you have a iPhone you should download the GPX Reader and email the GPX file to your phone and open it there. At the moment it does not show your actual position but I can imagine that will follow shortly.

Some stories on shoes:

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Water Service

Managing a remote house is not easy. You have bills coming in at your foreign address as well as in your mailbox at home. All of them are in French which makes it even harder to handle. Apart from that, the system is totally different. Tax for this, tax for that, national tax, local tax. And so on and so forth. 

To get an idea… France does have much the same taxes as other countries. However, there are three main differences between France and many other countries: Continue reading

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Wine tasting

The French like wine. But don’t be mistaken. They do not drink wine all the time. It’s only to accompany  food. That’s what we’ve learned when we gave our first reception.

Here in France opening a bottle for dinner is a big thing. You don’t just grab a bottle and be surprised about the taste. You have Merlot, Haute Medoc, Pouilly-Fumé, Sancerre, Touraine, Saumur etcetera etcetera. And they all taste different. That you know – right? If not, stop drinking Coca-Cola.

Every year the big hypermarchés like Casino, Cora and Carrefour, offer a wine tasting. And we love it. We go straight to the desk. Spend at least Continue reading

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The Next Supergite?


Image by Supergites via Flickr

Have you ever looked for a house and found one that was so grand that, even though it was way over your capabilities, you just had to see the inside? It happened to us with this ‘Ferme Des Dames’ near Reims.

Accidentally we ran into this object online. Hugo send me the url and asked me what I would do with this Farm and Chapel. I fell instantly in love with the view, the stones and the atmosphere. These combined form this unique peaceful place to unwind. I could see myself gardening a little in the early morning overlooking the dewy valley. Or sit in the courtyard sipping wine made from the grapes over the terrace. Meanwhile the kids of our friends are running around with a ball. But *G* Continue reading

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“Genius is the recovery of childhood at will.”

Arthur Rimbaud at the age of seventeen by Étie...

Image via Wikipedia

People who know me in person could think it’s a quote by me. It’s not though. It is by the French poet Arthur Rimbaud (1854 – 1891), born in Charleville. As part of the decadent movement, Rimbaud influenced modern literature, music and art. He was known to have been a libertine and quite restless, traveling extensively on three continents before his death from cancer.

I love this quote as it stands for a fearless, open minded, free and (un)controlled state of mind, being close to yourself and not bothered by convention or opinion. Especially the ‘at will’ is interesting because it reflects the power of the mind to provoke / create.

Rimbaud (age 17) began a short and torrid affair with Paul Verlaine, also a poet but 27 and Continue reading

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Fortress or Chapel? The Quest for Supergites #2

It has been the idea from the start and an old principle; after 1 follows 2. Once started you have to continue. The Mill is up and running with some minor concerns like winter, garden and renters who break things. We are ready for number two and we’d like to share our thoughts.

Capture the basics of Supergites:

  • Supergites are high end vacation houses.
  • Supergites are luxuriously equipped with a mixture of modern and antique.
  • Supergites are spacious, with ample accommodations for eight.
  • Supergites are at historical locations in rural areas.

We’ve found two locations near the water mill of Tourteron that could match these criteria; a fortress dating 1880 and a chapel from the 15th century. We’d really like to know what you think of these two options. Would you go for the fortress or the chapel? Continue reading

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Full Force Flower Power

I cannot help to say that gardening is a must for a healthy spirit. You’ll work harder, think clearer, make better judgements and produce more if you can work in a garden from time to time even if it’s only for an hour a week. I even dare to challenge you: I think you’ll even live longer if you can be outside and take care of some flowers. They have a soothing effect on stressful people like this blogger and probably yourself.

The summer is in full force now .. the flowers bloom like crazy and me is loving it in many ways. This weekend i’ve spend only 2 hours of weeding the front courtyard and the flower garden at the back. Check our Facebook and like us or check Flickr for more pics.

Wat en fijn huis, en wat een heerlijk vakantiegevoel! M.V-K.

What a lovely house, and what a great sense of vacation! M.V-K.

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