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Oudolf’s Gardening Inspiration

If you spend a lot of time in your garden, you know: Gardening is therapeutic. It liberates, revitalises and de-stresses. Whether it’s the flowers, the green or the dirt, the humming of the bees or the combination of these facts, we will never know. Being outside, picking weeds, seeing flowers bloom and seasons shift, I think it’s fantastic. You recreate nature to indulge in its beauty.

One man who is currently a rising star in landscaping knows how to recreate nature. This weekend I’ve visited his gardens in Hummelo, the Netherlands. It’s a must see for garden fanatics. His view on gardening with unimaginable combinations of Continue reading


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Brocantes and Such Hunt

Who said Alladin is not gay? Look at him in his girly underwear.

Brocantes is a French hobby that attracks a lot of tourists. Some people just love to run from one to the other to find a cheap bowl or the best bargain. I’ve set up this quick list with the best sites. Asking your local neighbors is useful as well… sometimes they simply kill a brocante if they don’t have enough participants.

To find something near Supergites… We’re in the Ardennes, that’s 08. Near by is northern 51 and 55…

Happy Hunting…

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Appeltern’s Gardening Walhalla

Are you –like me– always looking for gardening inspiration? I’ve ignored the poring rain this weekend and decided to go and see it the source of my Pinterest flower pictures. I went to see the true Gardening Walhalla in the middle of the Netherlands, only one hour drive from Amsterdam. It’s called the “Gardens of Appeltern“. Over 200 sample gardens, some great some just silly, show endless ideas for border combinations, pavement concepts, terraces, furniture and art. On their site they state:  Continue reading

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