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Getting more fans than you could imagine …

Do you recognize this? You did something that became more successful than you ever imagined? Supergîtes is just that. We’re open, booked, and everybody is happy (well, almost everybody). We’re even seriously thinking of starting a second Supergîte.

To celebrate and thank our friends, fans and renters we are working on some extra benefits. With a subscription to our Supergîtes Updates you unlock these twice a year. Even though our list is over 270 people long, there’s still a reason why we call these Updates ‘Just for Friends‘.

Become a ‘Friend‘. Join our mailing list today …

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The French Tawny Owl

A tawny owl (Strix aluco).

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Sleeping at the French country side especially in an area with small woodlands, the night sounds are exciting. Some say it’s scary and it gives this person the creeps. You can hear the Midwife Toad bleep and the moth hit the lights. But there’s even a bigger joy: the spooky cry of the Strix aluco or the Tawny Owl.

It starts just after sunset and around dawn when these birds are less afraid to be heard or ‘seen’ as you like. It’s when they make sure the rest of the night birds know their territory for the hunt. “IBU, I’m on this side of the valley.”UHU, I know.” They continue their cries for an hour or so before they chose the night for their soundless hunt. You can’t hear them fly at all. This is amazing since they can hold up to a meter in wingspan.

You can read all about these owls at Wikipedia. And you can hear them here and of course at our Supergite at Tourteron.

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Goat for Rent

Do you recognize this problem? You got a beautiful garden but there’s this one corner that is always a bit of a mess. It’s just too rocky, too weedy or too damp. As a good gardener you’re just about able to hide it behind the roses or some bush. But it’s there to irritate you every time you take that better look in your green paradise.

We have this problem too. It’s 4,000 m2 🙂

We own this enormous field. Walk out of the kitchen, through the orchard and pass through the flower garden, climb the dyke and there it is… one acre of weed. *Gosh* what to do with it? We cut it the first summer, tried to poison it the second but this year we lost the energy to even look at it until now. We have the perfect solution: Let’s Rent a Goat. This is the official call to our fellow denizen:

Chers amis de Tourteron,

Nous avons 4,000 mètre carré qui est inutilisé. Il est plein de mauvaises herbes.Connaissez-vous quelqu’un qui a une chèvre qui a besoin de plus d’espace?Nous aimerions apporter notre territoire de placer la chèvre. Elle peut mangertoutes les mauvaises herbes gratuitement.

Marco et Hugo

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