Unexpected Seedlings

Unexpected visitors

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At our sweet 5,700m2 terrain we’ve worked hard to create this little Garden of Eden as we think that a Supergîte should not only be a great indoor experience but provide a great outdoor experience as well.
No pools or tennis court but a great garden to wonder and be wondered by the combination of rare flowers and ordinary herbs. All delicately chosen by Hendrik Dekker, our landscape architect and flower connoisseur.

This weekend we came back for our first check up. After two weeks of renting you need to walk by and see if everything is still there in good shape. At the house it was all OK apart from a smashed light and two broken cups. Disregarded the fact that all our beer was gone without a note by whom, everything was fine.

The big surprise came in the garden where a sweet fairy visitor came by and seeded an extra bed of sunflowers … hehehe – SUPER! They must have felt so at home! 🙂

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