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In the final week of working hard to get things right (or just done), at a certain point you just have to make decisions. Nasty ones. You have to choose between the must-have and nice-to-have. And that’s not an easy job. One says he really thinks curtains are essential, the other claims to die without TV. Do we really need that door between the two basements? or do we put our energy in finding the right furniture? It’s constantly putting pressure on the working relationship because you’re just so tired you really don’t care what the other says or even about the arguments. All space evaporated. But what to do … you have to go on. In the end it’s all just a matter of putting the energy in the things that are the easiest. 11 months of renovation spent all resources. Not a drop of energy left in our bones.

So we decided to delete the TV. And there was good reason for it. The Cable Guy came by four days before opening. He had a short list of channels available by satellite. He inspected the house. Looked at our roof and pointed at the hills. “Monsieur, that could be a problem.” I looked in the direction of his little French finger. The Mill is situated in a valley so – it was obvious we could not do anything about that hill next to our Supergite. “It happens to be between the Mill and the satellite.” he explained. The next day he would come back with a satellite tracker. “Please check which channels you want and we’ll discuss everything tomorrow.” “D’accord.”

Surprisingly  he did come back the next day saying the hill was not the problem anymore. The satellite was just 5º to the south of the hill … BUT our selection of channels. “Monsieur, for NED 1, 2, 3 you need one antenna, for RTL4, 5, 7 another and for French, Spain and Germany another one. Three in total.” Can you imagine three of those ugly white things on the side of our historical Mill? Skip That! No TV.

That weekend the first renters arrived … their first comment: “huh, no TV? But there’s World Cup!!”

I texted them to check the local hotel in Attigny or a camping with Dutchies nearby. I hope they did enjoy the match. In any case they replied that they certainly did love the Supergite! Tis was their answer in Dutch / English

Beste marco,
We genieten volop in jullie prachtige watermolen! Heel veel zorg aan besteed en wat een goede smaak! Complimenten.
Dank voor de suggesties voor  het zien van de voetbalwedstrijd. Het zal lukken. Jullie watermolen en omgeving inspireren ons voor het schilderen, al mooi werk gemaakt. Kortom, vier zeer tevreden klanten, die zeker zullen terugkomen…
Hartelijke groet, H.

Dear Marco,
We’re enjoying your beautiful mill to the top! Very well done and what a great taste! Our compliments.
Thanks for the tip on how to watch the match. It’ll be OK. Your mill and the area are inspiring us to make great paintings. We’ve already made some great work. IO, four very satisfied customers, that will return for sure…
Kind regards, H.

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