This first Supergîte is the Water mill of Tourteron, Champagne-Ardennes. The house is actually a water mill, built 1813. It grained flour for about 150 years. During the Second World War the flour mill turned into a power plant to supply electricity for the area. After the war it was abandoned and empty for some years until the previous owner bought it and turned it into a summer house.

The mill used to be the centre piece of a hamlet with a bakery, a small farm, and a black smith. Today they are interconnected into one spacious house.

The house has got 13 spaces of which are the living, the kitchen and four large bedrooms.  The great living of 800 square foot (75 sq meter) with two fire places used to be two homes. Only the walls are gone that separated the house of the miller from the one of the black smith. The floors in both houses are also long gone, leaving us this fantastic height and grand hall like living area.

The stainless steel designers kitchen is situated next to the stream and orchard. And like the bedrooms of forty-five square meter it has got a view over the valley of Saint Lambert.

Wanna be more up-to-date? Check and join us.

You can find Tourteron between Charleville-Mézières and Reims.

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