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Water Service

Managing a remote house is not easy. You have bills coming in at your foreign address as well as in your mailbox at home. All of them are in French which makes it even harder to handle. Apart from that, the system is totally different. Tax for this, tax for that, national tax, local tax. And so on and so forth. 

To get an idea… France does have much the same taxes as other countries. However, there are three main differences between France and many other countries: Continue reading

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Wine tasting

The French like wine. But don’t be mistaken. They do not drink wine all the time. It’s only to accompany  food. That’s what we’ve learned when we gave our first reception.

Here in France opening a bottle for dinner is a big thing. You don’t just grab a bottle and be surprised about the taste. You have Merlot, Haute Medoc, Pouilly-Fumé, Sancerre, Touraine, Saumur etcetera etcetera. And they all taste different. That you know – right? If not, stop drinking Coca-Cola.

Every year the big hypermarchés like Casino, Cora and Carrefour, offer a wine tasting. And we love it. We go straight to the desk. Spend at least Continue reading

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