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Goat for Rent

Do you recognize this problem? You got a beautiful garden but there’s this one corner that is always a bit of a mess. It’s just too rocky, too weedy or too damp. As a good gardener you’re just about able to hide it behind the roses or some bush. But it’s there to irritate you every time you take that better look in your green paradise.

We have this problem too. It’s 4,000 m2 ūüôā

We own this enormous field. Walk out of the kitchen, through the orchard and pass through the flower garden, climb the dyke and there it is… one acre of weed. *Gosh* what to do with it? We cut it the first summer, tried to poison it the second but this year we lost the energy to even look at it until now. We have the perfect solution: Let’s Rent a Goat. This is the official call to our fellow¬†denizen:

Chers amis de Tourteron,

Nous¬†avons¬†4,000¬†m√®tre carr√©¬†qui est inutilis√©.¬†Il est plein¬†de¬†mauvaises herbes.Connaissez-vous quelqu’un¬†qui¬†a¬†une¬†ch√®vre¬†qui a besoin de¬†plus¬†d’espace?Nous¬†aimerions¬†apporter¬†notre¬†territoire¬†de placer¬†la¬†ch√®vre.¬†Elle¬†peut¬†mangertoutes les¬†mauvaises herbes¬†gratuitement.

Marco et Hugo

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