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Searching for a Super Stove

An electric fan heater.
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“When you buy an old place be prepared to get cold.” This sounds like a Chinese proverb but it was REALLY cold in the water mill last winter. We knew on forehand that we needed proper heating for the extravagant space. The search began.

About heating in France
The most popular heating system in France is based on oil or Fuel as they call it funny enough. With Fuel, you need huge tank with a capacity up to 5,000 liters stalled in the basement. The good thing: oil is not so expensive compared to electricity. The down side? Oil prices are fluctuating. Another bummer with oil heating are all the pipes all through the house. Installing pipes can be a big problem if you have 200 year old 50cm to 80cm thick sandstone walls all over the place. Estimated costs for the water mil reached 50.000 euro.

Growing in popularity are Pellet Burners. Pellet is a kind of compressed wood chips that burn in Continue reading

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