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First glimpse of the interior

indigo Bedroom 1 colour 1

Originally uploaded by Supergites

Thanks to modern techniques we’re able to give you the first glimpse of how the rooms will look like in June 2010.

We rebuilt the complete Water Mill of Tourteron in Google Sketchup and started rendering in Indigo. The result is magnificent even though i haven’t even bought the full version yet … the trial adds the logo and renders in a lower quality. But the result is a OMG stunning.

You can see clearly how for instance the bathroom in room 1 will look like and how the small lights will brighten the ancient walls.

If you’d like to see more images from the future, i really ask you to be patient since not only the render takes 8 hours. Preparing the render takes at least 16 hours of non stop 3D programming.

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