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Kids Proof


Kidsproof Zonvakanties

How do you find your ideal vacation destination? Do you read people’s opinions on the web or trust expert reviews in a vacation guide? We do a bit of both. We buy books and we check what people say.

Thats why we’re so happy with this new publication. A publisher added our mill to a Dutch vacation guide for young parents. They state that the mill is great for parents who look for a little bit extra space and luxury. They are honest: Because there’s no playground, the mill is less suitable for the real young ones. At least we’re Kidsproof! 🙂

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It’s Bingerden This Year

Bingerden Collection 2011

Gardening is a lust, a pleasure, a disease. Once you received the Green Spirit there is really no turning back. That’s why we’ve put the International Bingerden Nursery Days on the calendar again. Let’s spend some money on special varieties that only a few possess…

The International Bingerden Nursery Days are held from Friday June 15th till Sunday June 17th 2012 and is open from 10am to 6 pm.

Which fairs and garden shows do you go to?

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Sustainable Sleeping in CAPS

NEW YORK - JULY 08:  Drivers wait in traffic d...

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We drive a car –gross modo– 2 hours a day and sleep between 6 to 8 hours a day. Yet we are willing to spend five times as much on a car than on a bed. Do you get it? Maybe your car gives space to the whole family and brings you to far off places. Maybe a new car gives you status or is a subject of reliability (disregarding Toyota). Maybe a new car is less polluting when we’re all in traffic going to work. Or maybe you don’t care about a good sleep …

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