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Tips for Smart Sellers

The Kitchen over the Stream

When you start a holiday rental there are numerous ways to communicate your offer. In my job as a creative director I can write down quite a few options. It’s not rocket science, it’s merely straight forward thinking about the who, when and why’s?

Who would be interested in your rental and how much do you want to adjust to their needs?

When would these people most likely rent your home and when do you want to be there yourself?

Why would somebody rent your home and how do you give them reason?

The Who should be the easiest to make it your home. The more you adjust the house to others than your own needs, the less it will feel natural. You’ll make it a #fail from the beginning. With the water mill our needs are leading. It should be nice, comfortable, clean and breathe the right atmosphere to invite friends. For us the main idea of the water mill is to be there with friends for a short get-away. Long walks, prepare a good dinner with local ingredients, maybe even some from our own garden. Eating, drinking, fireplace.

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Friendly Promotion

Image by patrick h. lauke via Flickr

We decided to open the gates of the Water Mill the first of June. Despite feeling a bit uneasy we pointed the date in the agenda and sent out a warm welcome to our friends. In our opinion: it’s always better to try your system with friends before having complete strangers make you feel like an amateur.

All our Dutch speaking friends, or at least those who have a valid email in our address book, received a personal email telling they get the chance to sleep for free in our new gîte. The restrictions are few: book before April 1, 25% off, and only when we’re not around. It would feel odd to ask for money if you invite friends when you’re actually there yourself. 🙂

Figures on the direct mailing:

  • 655 emails were sent
  • 70 bounced for wrong email addresses (10,8% of people change jobs TOO often)
  • 20 replied with an out of office (3% were on spring break – bad timing on our side)
  • 240 visits to supergites.nl coming from email (42,5% hit the link)
  • Around 35 replies with a Good Luck wish (including one Bon Courage).
  • 5 reservations and 4 confirmations so far (around 1.6% booked or will book)

You are looking at one lucky man. Now my question to you … who would you ask for a short week of relaxation?

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