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Finally Blogged, Gone and English

Dear bloggers, readers and followers,

The world of blogging is a special one .. so many rules, tags and things to take care of. Like applying the AIDA rule to blogging: get Attention, get their Interest, make it Desired and add a call to Action. I could blog on this subject for weeks but it’s better to follow some marketing communication blog or call my company for a workshop. Our Hansel, he knows.

The Blog on Blogs

Funniest thing: Did you know there are even blogs on blogging and this blog got Blogged? Apparently blogging is worth blogging about and get together and share your latest posts. You should check out our registration and review us here.

Now this week I’ll be gone: off to France for a week of absolute isolation and manual labour. I’ll be working at the mill to help the constructors with setting up the walls. They need man power so –hahaha– here I am.

Last but not least: We finally we’ve managed to translate supergites.nl to English 🙂 For this blog we’ve been supported by Slaterwords –she’s been helping us in getting the copy on a higher level– and now she translated the official Supergites website. We’re very lucky to have found her. Hurray for Lisa!

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