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First Revenue of the Mill

Our First Harvest

Our First Harvest

It might not be what we were expecting for but it’s still the first revenue of our mill–not in money but in goods.

Orchards are fun. You have beautifully shaped trees in winter, and although they were planned as a solitaire, they form a group that you can easily picture as a traditional wintertime painting. Then, in spring, they bloom into all kinds of white and light pink like you see in a Japanese pagoda garden. In summer you can watch them grow big, sending out generous leaves that make a perfect shade canopy for an afternoon read. It’s like a Renoir in which you can feel the bees and wasps (look out!) humming around. Peace. Then, at the end of summer, it’s HARVEST TIME!

This year my first-ever fruit harvest, and I’m still not sure whether it’s good to pick them. I did anyway–10 kilos of these great eating apples and 8 kilos of cooking pears. It’s because my mom called asking me to bring some. “Mom, be ready for this basket.”

And how much did we net? A few euro.

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