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Homemade Cider (part 1)

Strongbow Cider is made in Hereford

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Ever since we have an orchard full of apple trees we wanted to make our own cider. Wouldn’t you be proud if you’d be able to bottle your own alcohol from your own fruits? And after all what is it about? Collecting the fruits, squeeze them, put them in a canister, wait and bottle – right? We found out the hard way that it is not that easy.

Here’s part 1:

the Preparation is KING. First you have to get the right apples. Best is to have a selection of apples from sweet to sour and even bitter varieties. By mxing different ones the taste is more likely to be successful. To sweet and the yeast will explode. To sour and the yeast will Continue reading

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Hitting the first 1000

Reflets de France Cidre

Reflets de France Cidre

I’m really happy to see so many people reading the Super Gîtes Blog. Within three months we’re already hitting the first 1000! Amazing! I appreciate your interest in the blog, so whoever is Mr. or Ms. One Thousand: PLEASE reply to this post immediately and you’ll receive a bottle of Reflets de France Apple Cidre. If you are not from the Netherlands I’ll transfer you the value of a bottle of this cidre through Paypal. 🙂

Happy reading! Merci beaucoup!!


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