Getting Fresh Ideas at Floriade 2012

Did you ever visit a garden fair where you experienced a green overkill? Every 10 years there’s the Dutch Floriade that gives you just that. It’s 163 acres of endless flower park.

This year 2012 it was held near the city of Venlo in the south of the Netherlands. We went just on time because even though it takes 10 years to build, the park is only open April 5 through October 7. And it’s amazing.

Here a quick idea of the themed borders…

Education & Innovation



Education & Innovation

Education & Innovation

Education & Innovation

On Flickr you can find more pics and all the names of the perennials and bulbs they used for each border. And before I forget… Floriade is quite popular. 🙂

Education & Innovation

Next edition Floriade 2022 will be in Almere. Keep those fingers green and see you there!

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