Oudolf’s Gardening Inspiration

If you spend a lot of time in your garden, you know: Gardening is therapeutic. It liberates, revitalises and de-stresses. Whether it’s the flowers, the green or the dirt, the humming of the bees or the combination of these facts, we will never know. Being outside, picking weeds, seeing flowers bloom and seasons shift, I think it’s fantastic. You recreate nature to indulge in its beauty.

One man who is currently a rising star in landscaping knows how to recreate nature. This weekend I’ve visited his gardens in Hummelo, the Netherlands. It’s a must see for garden fanatics. His view on gardening with unimaginable combinations of perennials, colours and textures is a lust for the eye. You can easily spend an hour or two wandering and wondering. A minimum of knowledge of herbaceous perennials is not necessary to enjoy the garden but it sure comes in handy if you’d like to take some of his ideas home.

“I’m fascinated by the beauty of plants. They are the tools to express myself while designing landscape and gardens.” Piet Oudolf.

Piet Oudolf.com

His Private Garden
Broekweg 17
Hummelo (NL)

open: only Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11:00 to 16:00 hours.

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3 responses to “Oudolf’s Gardening Inspiration

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  2. what a beautiful gardening over there.i just wana to say i like it and love it……………….

    vakantiehuizen dordogne|vakantiehuis dordogne

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