Appeltern’s Gardening Walhalla

Are you –like me– always looking for gardening inspiration? I’ve ignored the poring rain this weekend and decided to go and see it the source of my Pinterest flower pictures. I went to see the true Gardening Walhalla in the middle of the Netherlands, only one hour drive from Amsterdam. It’s called the “Gardens of Appeltern“. Over 200 sample gardens, some great some just silly, show endless ideas for border combinations, pavement concepts, terraces, furniture and art. On their site they state: 

Our garden information park has been laid out in a way that will give you inspiration and help you with your own garden. A walk through our 15-hectare park is an experience for all your senses. The quiet, the space and the nature ensure a great day out. You will return home full of ideas and hopefully able to take even more pleasure from your garden.

Especially the National Perennials Garden is a true beauty and a sight for sore eyes. It’s at least 200 sq.m. of colour compostions for your borders.  The only minus at Appeltern is the gushy placement of local amateur art. I don’t like all those shapeless soapstone statues with either some sort of sad face or hole in the middle. But that’s just me.

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