Perennials Rule

It’s been four years now that we’ve been working in this garden. The first year it was a war zone destroying the nettles and getting some shape in the garden. The second year we enjoyed the sowing and found out the hard way that the power of weeds are much stronger than that of delicate seeds. In the third year we started to reconsider our approach with planting in open soil. With the amount of unwanted seeds and roots in the soil, we needed to do something dramatic.

Now it’s year four and we start to see some final shapes. Perennials rule. We’ve created 9 unique flower beds with each it’s own theme. From Brunnera to Bingerden, from white to red and from Spring to Autumn. Only 2 to go and we’re ready for the seasons.


The view on the flower garden from the orchard


The yellow bed


The Brunnera bed


The Salvia bed


The Bingerden bed

NOTE: We call this bed Bingerden because most of it has been bought there at the 2011 show. Bingerder is a well-known flower show comparable with the Chelsea Flower Show in the UK.


The white bed


The Autumn bed


The Cucurbitaceae bed

We will grow various squashes, melons, and gourds in this bed. These are all Cucurbitaceae.


The red and green bed

This bed still shows the polypropylene. We’ll cover it up before summer.


The lane with a view on the mill


The lane

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