The Next Supergite?


Image by Supergites via Flickr

Have you ever looked for a house and found one that was so grand that, even though it was way over your capabilities, you just had to see the inside? It happened to us with this ‘Ferme Des Dames’ near Reims.

Accidentally we ran into this object online. Hugo send me the url and asked me what I would do with this Farm and Chapel. I fell instantly in love with the view, the stones and the atmosphere. These combined form this unique peaceful place to unwind. I could see myself gardening a little in the early morning overlooking the dewy valley. Or sit in the courtyard sipping wine made from the grapes over the terrace. Meanwhile the kids of our friends are running around with a ball. But *G* the place is HUGE.

The land itself is over 1,5 hectare (a bit under 4 acres). The farm and barns might hold about 900 square meters of space. We estimate that the farm could turn into eight guesthouses after renovation excluding the care takers residence who would live at the original farmhouse. The court alone is 30 by 40 meter and could provide a private front garden for each guesthouse. Even the current location of the ‘stink pit’ next to the chapel could turn into this luxurious swimming pool overlooking the valley.

This farm is so inspiring. We cant wait to get our hands on it. Though to purchase this baby is one thing … Trust me, it’s feasible. Renovating it would be 4 times as much and take about 2 years. The result is beyond your wildest dreams.

Maybe we need some help to get this baby fixed.

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  1. I really love the way you describe the place – and the thought of living there. Reminds me why I have found France such an attractive place. I don’t live there, but hope to one day! Lovely post.

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