Fortress or Chapel? The Quest for Supergites #2

It has been the idea from the start and an old principle; after 1 follows 2. Once started you have to continue. The Mill is up and running with some minor concerns like winter, garden and renters who break things. We are ready for number two and we’d like to share our thoughts.

Capture the basics of Supergites:

  • Supergites are high end vacation houses.
  • Supergites are luxuriously equipped with a mixture of modern and antique.
  • Supergites are spacious, with ample accommodations for eight.
  • Supergites are at historical locations in rural areas.

We’ve found two locations near the water mill of Tourteron that could match these criteria; a fortress dating 1880 and a chapel from the 15th century. We’d really like to know what you think of these two options. Would you go for the fortress or the chapel?

The Fortress of Pagny
The military fort, south of Châlons en Champagne, used to be a part of the great French Line and housed over 700 soldiers. The complex contains 16 vaulted rooms, around 80 sq. meters each. Some demolished vaults created a court yard with historical walls. The rest is covered with trees and bushes. The view from the fort is spectacular, overseeing the land.

pro words: impressive, historical, adventure
con words: immense, dark, scary

The 19th century fortress of Pagny overseeing the area.

Entrance, courtyard and vaults

The Chapel of Belval

The chapel, east of Tourteron, used to be a part medieval cloister. It holds a 15th century two naved chapel and a 17th century priory with 6 rooms and kitchen. The rest of the cloister is long gone. The chapel is at the end of a valley surrounded by a neighboring farmer. There are no roads passing the land.

pro words: peaceful, historical, romantic
con words: isolated, rural, blasphemy

The 15th century Chapel of Belval hidden in the valley.

Front yard, entrance and chapel

You see our problem? Both locations are fantastic. Both are unique and huge and within a 6 hour drive from Amsterdam. Both stand a chance to become an Supergîte in its true sense. So the choice is yours …

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One response to “Fortress or Chapel? The Quest for Supergites #2

  1. Ineke

    Moet ik neigh-boring farmer als freudiaans zien??

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