A real Chef de Cuisine on Vacation

Sometimes you need to be naughty to get somewhere. This time I invited Chef de Cuisine Brice BUFFET of Les Échevins to come to the water mill. I’ve written about the restaurant earlier since it’s by far the best place to go for dinner around Tourteron. But to be honest: I didn’t make that initial call. It was my dear French friend Corinne who has absolute joy in helping me out in French. As you might guess Fr <> Fr works twice as fast.

The chef came with his wife and son to talk about catering at Supergîtes. We showed the family around and talked about the project and what we are looking for. Brice was very enthusiastic. Without hesitation he told us to be honored to serve his Haute Cuisine at the mill. We were astonished. To say the least.

We asked him to send a sous-chef or some young intern cook to prepare the food. He replied he had non what so ever and that worked all by himself. We knew the place was small.

The deal is simple: During weekdays Brice can come to prepare the dishes himself. On Friday, Saturday and Sundays there can be Haute Cuisine meals that you only have to ‘rechauvage’. There’s even a price ‘vin complet’ with a selection of fine wines from the restaurant cave.

Shoot! … now you can have a real Chef de Cuisine on vacation.

When interested just send me a message and we’ll ask him to set a price.

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