A first Super night in our own Gîte

After 11 months of hard work, miles of traveling to and from France, laboring the garden and sanding the wood it was finally the moment that the beds arrived. We worked double shifts in the last weeks to get everything ready to install the beds immediately at their final place. The beds are huge and heavy, 100% natural material and fairtrade produced .. besides that they are gorgeous looking …

We had to wait all this time not because of the production but because of our own delay. The whole renovation took more time than estimated due to several reasons. You can read about them in the blog.

But this was THE day .. the day followed by the first night in our own Supergite, sleeping in our brand new beds. We really couldn’t wait any longer. We ordered one twin bed of each Lavital type; from good to superb, Celebration, Comfort, Royal and Sapphire including their line of eco-friendly bedding.

The beds arrived with the complete Segers / Vaders family, the Lavital entrepreneurs. Grandfather Segers who started the company over 15 years ago with his daughter and her husband Vaders who now run the company. And their two kids, Cynthia and Ramon. They are so proud of their product that they insisted on delivering the beds personally and stay with us for the weekend. For us a good thing because we were able to see how ‘strangers’ would behave in our gîte.

The beds were easy to place and everybody helped a hand. It was done in less then an hour. All the rooms finally started to look like a room. It looked perfect. The night was yet to come. I guess you can imagine our excitement when you see these images 🙂

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