Friendly Promotion

Image by patrick h. lauke via Flickr

We decided to open the gates of the Water Mill the first of June. Despite feeling a bit uneasy we pointed the date in the agenda and sent out a warm welcome to our friends. In our opinion: it’s always better to try your system with friends before having complete strangers make you feel like an amateur.

All our Dutch speaking friends, or at least those who have a valid email in our address book, received a personal email telling they get the chance to sleep for free in our new gîte. The restrictions are few: book before April 1, 25% off, and only when we’re not around. It would feel odd to ask for money if you invite friends when you’re actually there yourself. 🙂

Figures on the direct mailing:

  • 655 emails were sent
  • 70 bounced for wrong email addresses (10,8% of people change jobs TOO often)
  • 20 replied with an out of office (3% were on spring break – bad timing on our side)
  • 240 visits to coming from email (42,5% hit the link)
  • Around 35 replies with a Good Luck wish (including one Bon Courage).
  • 5 reservations and 4 confirmations so far (around 1.6% booked or will book)

You are looking at one lucky man. Now my question to you … who would you ask for a short week of relaxation?

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