Crazy weekends

Image by Michiel Wijgmans via Flickr

The past weeks have had some crazy weekends. With the ongoing renovation the constructor needs more and more materials. Most of it we have him ordering from French suppliers. There’s absolutely no reason to get concrete or drains from the Netherlands. But as soon as it comes to shopping for style … this northern part of France is not the place to be. We’ve tried several Monsieur Bricolages and Castoramas. But with little result. There was always something wrong with the model; too thick, too small, too wide, not in brushed metal .. whatever. It’s really hard to find good design in the French country side.

So we bought the lights and the bathroom stuff simply here in the Netherlands where we know our way to design for good prices. One problem though: We have to deliver everything only some 400 km south wards. And we totally underestimated this ‘tour de force‘.

We need over 4 hours to pick up the goods from Nijhof, the Dutch supplier, including picking up the ‘Boedelbak‘. And more serious; we need over 5 hours to get to Tourteron due to the overweight trailer and the lower speed limit for cars with trailers. Apart from the drive itself it also feels quite uncomfortable knowing people actually see you drive one of these yellow trailers from hell.

And we still need to deliver the other half of the kitchen tiles and ALL the bathroom tiles – three trips to go – Jolly Fun! 🙂

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2 responses to “Crazy weekends

  1. Try hiring a van, we love driving the Mercedes Vito! Very comfortable and plenty of space for transporting our Janus 12!
    On the way back home: plenty of space for all your wines and cheese…

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