3 Days till Christmas Peace

Water mill in the Snow

Only a few days more till we’re in Tourteron for a full week. It will be our second time enjoying the peaceful valley for such a long period. But this time it’s all white, white, white. We really can’t wait to see the charm of  the mill in winter. We’ll be working, though. We have to plumb, fill joints with cement, and work on the electricity.

For anyone who’s around: you’re welcome to pay us a visit as long as you bring something to keep us warm!

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One response to “3 Days till Christmas Peace

  1. ja duh… warmte is liefde, dus ik neem dan natuurlijk liefde mee. Anyways, wellicht dat ik Nederland ontvlucht en jullie met oud&nieuw weekend kom helpen. Vraag is alleen of jullie dan een plekje hebben in de herberg….


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