Looking for summer?

Mr. Winter is about to leave. The sun is getting warmer. The first flowers are popping up from the cold soil. In Tourteron we’re looking forward to Spring and Summer 2010. It’ll be the first time you can enjoy the peace of the valley, the shades of the fruit trees, the smell of the flower garden, and the quality of the house.

To be sure those weeks off are yours, you should go to supergites.nl and make your booking.



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3 responses to “Looking for summer?

  1. M.Mein

    Beste Hugo en Marco,

    Mijn ouders zijn erg geïnteresseerd om een week te logeren, maar ze begrepen de prijzen niet zo goed of zoiets. mensen van 75.

    Hebben jullie een brochure, een soort reisgids waar jullie in staan. En wat er te doen is?



  2. hi!

    Just clicked in and having a look around.
    I like to find new blogs and I like your blog. 🙂

    I hope your weekend is good and that you are having a brilliant time.


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