Ground Floor

Even though we’re not even halfway through our renovations yet, we’d still like to take you on a tour. We’ll start at the ground floor, also known as the first floor.

We’d like you to know that all furniture in the Super Gîte is the latest of the latest. So if you’d like to have a really good and relaxing time without the feeling you’re staying 24/7 at a local brocante, this is the place! Tourteron is right in the heart of the French Champagne Ardennes and only three hours away from Utrecht.

What will the ground floor of this Super Gîte offer?

Floorplan Ground Floor

Floorplan Ground Floor

Dining: The ground floor is all about the ‘den’ feeling, letting groups or two families enjoy each other’s company to the max. The mill is designed to host at least eight people, but you can easily invite another four to the table. The modern dining table with the Panton Chairs gives this old corner of the house a contemporary atmosphere.

Kitchen: Being around friends means preparing good food, whether it’s an all-French breakfast, a light salad lunch, or an elaborate dinner. The Miele Design kitchen does contain all the necessary equipment, and with its bar on one side of the aisle, it will most certainly become the social centre of the house.

Laundry: You might not need to do the laundry when you are staying for a week. But if you have children or you’re planning to stay for a month, you’ll be delighted that the Super Gîte is equipped with washing machine and dryer.

Living: The perfect place to talk over the best things in life, share your dreams, that sort of thing. Think: 10 o’clock, the kids sound asleep, two glasses of scenting Bourgogne, and a fireplace for warmth and ambience.

Pantry: If you have stayed in an ordinary gîte before you know the feeling of missing things of your own: your best olive oil, your marmalade, the dried herbs you always use in your dishes. The Super Gîte has the answer! Returning visitors can ask for a locker to store small kitchen stuff and personal-care items. When you come back you’ll feel a bit more ‘at home’.

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