First Floor & Second Floor

The first floor is for relaxation; sleeping, resting, reading, chatting, and browsing is what you can do here. This floor has three bedrooms, each for two people, plus a small library on the vestibule.

Floorplan First Floor

Floor Plan First Floor

Bath: Though we’re still not sure, we might have a solitaire bath tub in the middle of Bedroom 3. This is still an issue since it’s quite pricy. Also, who will use it and will it work fine situated in the middle of the room? The idea is cute: you can take a bath, read a magazine, or watch TV with a view over the courtyard on a hot summer day. But for now, each bedroom has its own bathroom with toilet, sink, shower, and towel heater.

Bedroom 1: The room straight in front of the living is called #1, the master bedroom. It’s quite spacious with its 53m2 and has windows with a view of the valley and orchard. Sleeping with the windows open means owls at night and the constant scatter of water coming from the fountain underneath the mill.

Bedroom 2: Although it will only have roof windows, this room will feel like a huge barn with its 48m2 and 6m height. We managed to open up the wooden construction of the mill in this room. There’s enough space for two single beds, and even more if you put them together–LOL.

Bedroom 3: This room is a bit different from the others. It doesn’t have the great robust stone walls. No reason to worry: this room does have its own romantic fireplace in the bedroom and its own entrance from the ramp. So you can get in and out of the house on this side without walking all the way down and around just to get into the front yard.

Library: The vestibule between the living room and the bedroom will be filled with books in Dutch, French, and English. There will be books on gardening, cooking, and art history as well as some good novels. Favorites: The Colored Garden, The River CaféEl Greco, and Michel Houellebecq.

Passage: The passage in between the rooms offers some sound reduction. You can also find the clean towels and bedding here, as well as a quiet place to work.

And then there is the second floor. It officially has the biggest room, since the thick stone wall doesn’t rise this high.

Floor Plan Second Floor
Floor Plan Second Floor

Bedroom 4: The biggest room of all (60m2) has its own little TV corner with bean bags and boxes with tons of toys. The ideal hangout for the kids who feel like they are in this great attic living their fantasies of fun and zero responsibility.

Office: There’s only one room locked in the whole Super Gîte and that’s the ‘office’ on this floor. We have to keep our toothbrushes somewhere. 🙂

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