Selling French Fruit at the ‘Albert Cuyp’

I took a deep breath and walked to the Albert Cuyp Market in the heart of the Pijp Amsterdam. The world-famous street market is around the corner from my house. Since I’ve lived there (15 years now) I’ve bought my fruit and veggies at the same stand, Jopie’s, so now we  know each other. When I arrived at the market Jopie had just finished displaying his fruit for the day. I took him aside and told him about my lovely orchard and the surplus of pears and apples waiting in the back of my car.

Me: “Jopie, could you sell my fruit harvest? We can split the income.”
Jopie (with a wide smile): “Deal!”

Now at the Albert Cuyp!
Poire ‘Belle de Tourteron’ € 1,95 a kilo 🙂

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