Like playing golf?

My best friend will Laugh Out Loud or even Roll On the Floor Laughing when he reads this post for the first time. But an amazing discovery I have made today: I like watching Golf.

I was invited to go to the Dutch KLM Open, and I took the chance to watch golf and to be on a course for the first time in my life. I always considered playing golf posh, fake, and a lot of ‘puha’ as the Dutch would say. ‘Only wannabes play golf to pretend they are somebody’. So I avoided the subject amongst my friends, since many of them actually do play golf. I really didn’t think much of their hobby. Not my cup of tea–end of discussion.

Today I discovered why they like it.

I went to the Kennemer Dunes close to Zandvoort. The first impression supported the original idea: lots of black cars with beige leather seats and ‘wooden’ finishing. The white pants were reflecting the sun in painful brightness. The hats make it look like we’re in the English colonies or even in a scene of Brideshead Revisited. This was indeed the Walhalla of the Rich. So, this is it? I let it happen and seated myself on Hole 13’s grandstand.

The crowd was quiet! …wow! Since I feel easily uncomfortable with the shouting crowds found at soccer matches, I noticed the tranquility right away. As soon as the silence sign went up birds were all I could hear. I searched for the players and far away I spotted a golfer swinging at an imaginary ball. And then, the strike. In the quiet peace I saw a little white dot approaching through the blue sky. It landed right in front of the grandstand without a lot of bouncing. How did he do that, I wondered? Shooting a ball more than 200 meters with just a single bounce? Almost a hole-in-one. I applauded spontaneously. The second player looked for his ball in the rough. As soon as he found it-–again–-silence, concentration, and Tik. His ball flew 40 meters and missed the hole by 10 centimeters. I jumped up and yelled, “WOW!”

I was shocked … for the first time in my life I was excited about a match, a competition in which only one will win. I was completely on the right spot and didn’t move for the following two hours. I stayed at my seat and watched all the other players trying to conquer the same hole in as few strikes as possible.

I’m totally excited about golf now. I’m even thinking of taking lessons. I could try to find a place in the Netherlands, but I’ve discovered that the Parcours Les Poursaudes is only 9 km from our mill in Tourteron.

This opens new horizons… 🙂 I’ll contact them to see how I can get a good deal for myself and for our future guests. Please, come play golf with me! You can easily win. I’m a complete novice. LOL

Golf des Ardennes

Golf des Ardennes


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2 responses to “Like playing golf?

  1. kyra

    I’ll bring my old fashioned golf set first weekend of September. We’ll start with a few swings in the garden 🙂 NICE!

  2. Don’t expect a Par 4 – we’re working on it 🙂

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